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Technical Director, CENSIS

A Technical Director was recruited for the Sensor and Imaging Systems Innovation Centre (CENSIS), drawing on Scotland’s world-leading research base in vibrant advanced engineering and high-tech industrial sector, to provide strategic and technical leadership for this exciting innovation initiative. This role holder will identify and build an appropriate technical team and strategic alliances with other service providers to accelerate economic growth in Scotland, as part of a network of eight innovation centres that include Stratified Medicine, Digital Health Institute, Industrial Biotechnology, Scottish Aquaculture, Oil and Gas, Construction Scotland and the Data Lab.

CEO and Non-Executive Directors, Energy Systems Catapult

We partnered on the recruitment of a world-class leadership team for this innovative business. The Energy Systems Catapult is one of a network of elite technology and innovation centres set up by Innovate UK to build on existing UK strengths in R&D and accelerate solutions that address the global requirement for a sustainable, affordable and secure future energy system through to commercial reality. The Catapult works with companies that are focussed on exploiting the opportunities created by the need to transform global energy systems; playing a part in accelerating technology based solutions, and also engaging with Government to address the market mechanisms and business models that will be required to enable such solutions.

Non-Executive Directors, Medicines Discovery Catapult

We recruited world-class non-executive directors for the Medicines Discovery Catapult. This Catapult will grow the UK’s commercial drug discovery capability with a view to improving productivity in drug development and approval, to make it the leading place worldwide to develop and launch new products and services in this space. The Catapult will support industry in developing new approaches for the discovery of medicines and support the development of next generation discovery technologies that will transform the drug discovery and development landscape and de-risking them for further investment. The Catapult will act as a source of business expertise and knowledge of routes to grants, investment finance and markets, so that commercially viable products are progressed and investable.

Chair, CEO and Non-Executive Board Members for the Connected Digital Economy Catapult

The Connected Digital Economy Catapult is an elite technology and innovation business set up by Innovate UK. We identified world-leading executive and non-executive leadership team that includes the Chair, Non-Executive Directors and the CEO to harness expertise across the digital economy, helping the UK unlock the economic potential of the digital economy.

CEO of the Data Lab (Scottish Innovation Centre)

The CEO was placed to deliver strategy at the cutting-edge of the research-commercial interface for the Data Lab, one of eight innovation centres in Scotland. Its goal is to accelerate economic growth in Scotland by supporting demand-led innovation in collaboration with research communities, business and government. This role required highly developed commercial, political and communication skills to promote future opportunities and investment in the development of data science products and services, skills and training for future markets.

Chief Scientific Adviser for the Department for Transport

This role required a world-class Science, Engineering or Technology professional with credibility across industry, academia, the Senior Civil Service and Ministers. The search strategy engaged with thought leaders across world-leading innovative science, technology and engineering projects.

CEO of Ploughshare Innovations

Ploughshare innovations Ltd converts ‘swords into ploughshares’, converting scientific and technological research commissioned by the military into civilian applications. The CEO search identified a world-class leader with the ability to work at the commercial edge of technologies developed by the Ministry of Defence, responding to fast moving and innovative markets through collaborative partnerships.

Chair and CEO of Knowledge Transfer Network Company

The Knowledge Transfer Network Company manages knowledge transfer communities to unlock he economic potential of knowledge sharing to provide business-to-business and business-academic engagement, enabling commercial exploitation. This was a nuanced search for leaders who understand how to channel connectivity between scientific and technological knowledge bases through high-level strategic co-ordination and facilitation of innovative commercial partnerships.

CEO and Non-Executive Directors for the Satellite Applications Catapult

The Satellite Applications Catapult was established to harness world-leading expertise across the space sector, helping UK businesses develop new satellite-based products and services to stimulate economic growth in the UK. We recruited a world-class CEO and Board Members with proven ability to shape and build an environment where academia, innovators and industry work effectively together to exploit innovation that results in realisation of greater value.

CEO of Sensors and Imaging Systems, Scottish innovation Centre (Censis)

Censis was set up to draw on Scotland’s world-leading research base in vibrant advanced engineering and high-tech industrial sector, drawing on Scotland’s end users of sensors imaging systems to define collaborative projects leading to business and economic growth. Selection of a credible CEO depended on a search strategy that could identify a leadership track-record with a track-record of entrepreneurial and commercial judgements combined with proven political nous that can operate across different governance structures that includes innovative SME’s.

Director of Technology and Innovation, Innovate UK

This is a high-profile role that was pivotal to investment in a range of innovative technology markets. The search strategy identified a thought-leader with a track-record of leading innovative design and technologies that shape future markets. It was critical to identify a leader with outward-facing and ambassadorial ability to engage with a complex range of stakeholders.

CEO and Non-Executive Directors, Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult

The Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult was set up to accelerate the commercialisation of technologies, pulling together UK strengths in design, research, offshore engineering and component development for innovation relevant to the emerging offshore renewable energy sector. We identified a strong leader and non-executive team who are respected in industry, academia and government alike.

Non-Executive Directors, Cell Therapy Catapult

Selection of the non-executive leadership team was critical to provide governance required to access the finance, clinical and technical expertise to allow the rapid exploitation of cell therapies and encourage inward investment to support the growth of the commercial sector. This company was set up to turn cell therapy innovations into commercial products capable of transforming the lives of people with serious or chronic illnesses.

CEO and Non-Executive Directors, Future Cities Catapult

The Future Cities Catapult has created a technical capability to achieve new levels of systems integration such as water, energy, waste, health, ICT and transport. It has been established to accelerate innovation that meets the needs of the world’s cities. We recruited a CEO and a non-executive leadership team with the capability of building strong and productive relationships across business, government, academia, local and municipal political structures.

CEO and Non-Executive Directors, Transport Systems Catapult

This centre of excellence will play a transformational role in technology and innovation to help UK businesses to create products and services that meet the needs of the world’s largest transport systems as they respond to ever-stretching demands, selling UK capability on the global stage. We recruited a world-class CEO and non-executive leadership team.

Director of Communications, Innovate UK

We recruited an entrepreneurial Communications professional with experience of classic PR, public affairs, media relations and marketing from industry into a non-departmental public body. This role required an understanding of the value of networks in stimulating business engagement and breaking through barriers that inhibit collaboration.

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